VoIP Report - Bandwidth, Inc. (+1 800-301-2924)

.VoIP number: +1 800-301-2924

. Carrier: Bandwidth, Inc.

. Abuse email: voicesecurity@bandwidth.com

. Date of the original report: September 19, 2020, September 22, 2020

. Date of response by the carrier: September 22, 2020 (second encounter)

. Website status: Offline (a takedown report was submitted by Netcraft)

. Scam page used: HTML:EvilCursor (blocked by Avast anti-virus)

. Call flooding used prior to the original report?: Yes (via Scammerblaster.com) 

. Additional information: This VoIP number has now been reported and flooded twice. In both reports, the number traced back to Bandwidth with the scam pages using the same tactics and design but under different domains/URLs. The first report submitted by Feed The Phish received a confirmation that the report was received by the carrier but no further updates were provided. The second report received both a response and a confirmation that the associated account was terminated for fraud.

- End of report