Report Phishing

If you would like to report phishing or other malicious websites, please use any of the recommended webpages/browser extensions below. The webpages below do not require user registration. We are not endorsed or paid by any of the companies associated with the links/browser extensions below. These were selected based on personal use and effectiveness. All of the links featured on this website were reported using these resources.

. Browser Extensions .

. Netcraft: Protection For Browsers

This is an excellent browser extension that is available for Firefox and Chrome. Opera users will be happy to know that the Netcraft database is already implemented into the browser so there is need to download the extension. You are already secured. The Netcraft extension allows the user to report any suspected phishing pages by simply clicking on the extension icon. It's very easy to use and features a "risk rating" system for every website that is visited. The extension blocks all confirmed phishing and malicious websites automatically with a red warning screen that is similar to the Google Safebrowsing screen.

. Emsisoft: Browser Security

A great extension for Chrome and Firefox users. All of the websites that use fake virus scans and fake anti-virus expiration notices were blocked within the first 10-15 minutes of reporting the websites while using the extension. The only criticism that can be made is the actual ability to report a website having a major flaw. After a website is reported, you cannot report another one without turning the extension off then turning it back on again. If you do not do this before reporting another website, you will get a notification from the extension stating that the website has already been reported. This is extremely tedious and I hope that Emsisoft will fix it with the next update.

. The Chrome store also offers Suspicious Site Reporter which sends a screenshot and the URL of the offending website to Google Safebrowsing. Based on our personal usage, this extension isn't very good. Even with the ability to automatically send a screenshot of the website, having Safebrowsing enabled within the Chrome browser settings and giving the extension full access to both websites and files, none of the obvious Phishing websites that we've encountered were flagged - at all. It is far more effective to use the Safebrowsing website instead. We don't recommend Suspicious Website Reporter.

. Websites .

. Google Safe Browsing (Report Phishing)

. Google Safe Browsing (Report Malware)

. (Report a URL)

. (Call Flooding)

. Scammerblaster is great for cold call/phone scams such as the IRS, Amazon refund and Microsoft technical support scams. Reporting a phone number to ensures that the phone number will be taken down immediately via call flooding. This prevents potential and future victims from being able to reach the phone number which in turn, prevents them from being scammed. also features a "carrier look up" tool that traces the offending phone numbers back to the service/Voip providers - great for those who wish to report the phone numbers directly to their service providers.